Our practice offers laser assisted dental therapy with an Nd Yag laser

The use of laser is constantly gaining ground in the field of dentistry. In periodontology it can be used in both the conservative and surgical phases, but this does not mean that it replaces the classical methods. In more detail in conservative treatment the laser is used for disinfection in deep periodontal pockets in combination with traditional scaling and root planning. This is especially useful in cases of multirooted teeth where access is difficult and classical treatment fails. It can also be used for treatment in oral ulcers and herpes simplex labialis, reducing symptoms and accelerating their regression.

The laser also finds utility in periodontal surgery mainly in small operations such as frenectomies and removal of hyperplasia. It cuts the soft tissues painlessly and without bleeding. Also postoperatively through a process called biostimulation, it can help the soft tissues heal faster.

It is also useful in periodontal surgery, mainly for minor surgeries such as bridging and removal of hyperplasia. It cuts soft tissues painlessly and without bleeding. It can also help in faster healing of soft tissues through a postoperative process called biostimulation.