Take a periodontal quiz


Do you know people that have periodontitis and often wonder that you might have it as well? A simple periodontal quiz will answer your question.

1)Do your gums bleed during toothbrushing?
2)Do you have any mobile teeth?
3)Do you have any receding gums?
4)Do you feel your teeth have moved or changed position as the years go by?
5)Does your breathe smell, even if you just brushed your teeth?
6)Do you smoke?
7)Are you diagnosed with diabetes?
8)Does any family member (mother, father, siblings) have periodontitis?

If you answered no in all of the above questions, you are in no danger of periodontitis. If you answered yes in one or more of the above, you are at risk of having periodontal disease and you need to see a periodontist. If you choose to ignore it, you might end up loosing teeth. The good news is that you can have periodontal disease treated and save your teeth!