New device of piezosurgery in the office


In the office we are happy to use the new piezosurgery unit  Piezo Solo by Acteon. It is a very powerful and precise in bone cutting machine. It can be used for atraumatic teeth extraction in areas that implants will be placed,  for split ridges, for block grafts from the chin or the mandible and for open and closed sinus lifts. The lateral window technique for sinus lift (open sinus lift) could never be easier due to the fact that piezosurgery is soft tissue friendly. Complications such as profound bleeding due to traumatized arteries in the area and schneiderian membrane perforation  are encountered less and less. Specifically the percentage of sinus membrane perforation   drop from 25% (with the classic handpiece approach-average in the bibliography) to 12% and even less in certain studies.