In some cases periodontitis has advanced to the point that periodontal pockets are deep and significant amounts of bone are lost. In these cases surgical therapy may be necessary. This surgical trerapy is the second phase of periodontal treatment. Below some examples of surgical cases  are listed:

Open flap debridement

It is a surgical treatment that offers access to the roots of teeth so as the scaling and root planing will be more effective that with the closed non surgical treatment. It may result to pocket elimination or pocket reduction.



Soft tissue grafts

In many cases the root recession can be corrected with a soft tissue graft that is usually taken by the patient's palate. In other cases which include thin natural gum tissue, the graft that is taken from the palate is used to thicken the recipient tissue.


Guided Tissue Regeneration

It is a surgical treatment that results in regenaration of the periodontium: bone, periodontal ligament and connective tissue. In order to be successful, proper case selection is mandatory. Your periodontist will let you know if you are a candidate for this magnificent procedure. The materials that are used are bone graft from a bottle (xenograft or allograft) and a special membrane that through a mechanism of healing help your body make bone again.