Surgical Placement

The surgical placement of dental implants is a surgery that takes place at a properly equiped dental office under local anesthesia. During the surgery you will not feel any pain, since the area will be suffiently anesthetized. After surgery your doctor will prescribe pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs that will take care any postoperative pain and discomfort. You will be swollen for the first couple of days after surgery. The swelling will start to go away after the third day post surgically and you should not worry about it. Swelling is part of normal healing. In some cases you might even bruise. Again this is something of no major concern, other than the aesthetic issue.

The implant surgery starts with an incision in the gums. A flap is raised and then with the aid of special rotary drills an opening is created in the bone that will host the implant. The incision is then sutured and the implant is either completely covered or sometimes a longer healing abutment is placed on top of the implant and part of it is left outside the gums. Whether the implant will be completely covered or not is a decision that the surgeon will take during surgery based on the quality of native bone. In case the implant is left to heal completely covered, a second surgery will be performed after some months (2 to 6 depending on the case) to uncover it.

Below there are two cases that demonstrate the area of the mouth before implants, the radiograph at the time of implant placement and the area of the mouth with the healing abutments on top of the implants.