After the fulfilment of periodontal therapy and in order to maintain periodontal health, frequent recall visits are necessary. During these recall visits your periodontist will examine your gums for signs of disease exacerbation. Then the teeth will be professionally cleaned and localized scaling and root planing will be performed as needed.

Studies have shown that  three months after the last cleaning, the bacteria population multiplies to a point that bacteria become pathogenic. In other words there is a possibility that the periodontal disease progresses.

To avoid this progression, the maintenance visit for evaluation and teeth cleaning is essential. The frequency of the visit is tailored to the individual needs of each patient. Judging from the overall clinical appearance, general health, potential risk factors and oral home care, an individual might need the maintenance visit every three months, while somebody else might need it every six months.

A lot of  periodontal patients come every four months for the scheduled maintenance visit, meaning three times a year. If you think that pretty much everybody needs to see the dentist twice a year for a dental cleaning, having to see your periodontist three times a year for the professional cleaning is manageable.