Can you have periodontitis treated?

The answer is yes, periodontitis can be treated. But there is a misunderstanding: Some people expect that after the periodontal treatment , they will not have to deal ever again with their gums. They assume that since periodontitis is a microbial infection, it will be treated the same way as a flu or an intestinal disease caused by microbes.

This is unfortunately not true for periodontitis. The reason is that  the etiology of periodontitis is  not olny  microbial. It has to do a lot with the body's response to the microbial plaque. Moreover factors like smoking, oral hygiene, gene predisposition and even some diseases like diabetes can also contribute to the etiology of periodontitis.

So after the fulfilment of the periodontal therapy, you have to clearly understand that you must follow a strict maintenance schedule. That means that you should visit your periodontist regularly for professional cleaning and  localized scaling and root planing at intervals that the periodontist will advise you to.