How can I prevent periodontitis?

The etiology of periodontitis is multifactorial. One of the etiological factors is genetic predisposition. Due to this fact, it cannot be fully prevented. But since the other etiogical factors are environmental, it is possible to prevent it up to a point or at least delay its onset. One thing that can be definitely  done is to preserve the teeth the longest possible even if there is periodontitis in the mouth (with the aid of proper prevention and care).

The first step to periodontitis prevention is good oral home care. That means proper toothbrushing together with the use of floss or interdental brushes in a daily basis. The second step to prevention is regular visits to the dentist (at least twice a year) for professional cleaning. The general dentist is usually the first to perceive the onset of periodontitis and refers to the periodontist. In case you have any doubt, you may ask for a periodontal consult yourself without the need of a referal. Finally, for those of you that smoke, in order to prevent periodontitis (and many other diseases), you should seriously  consider  quit smoking.