Do dental implants come with a guarantee?

Dental implants are not electronic devices that come with a guarantee. But usually all the well known implant companies replace a failed to osseoitegrate dental implant at no charge. It should be mentioned that the chance for an implant not to osseointegrate is very small,  as long as the whole procedure is done by doctors that are trained to do it.

The dental implants are at the moment  the most advanced method to replace missing teeth and are meant to last lifetime. To make them last, it is essential that they receive the appropriate care: proper oral hygiene at home and regural professional cleanings at the dental office.

Another important point to realize from those of you that lost teeth to periodontitis is that with dental implants you get a second chance. So you should take better care of them than you took your own natural teeth. Impants do not get caries like the natural teeth but they can get diseases similar to gingivitis and periodontitis, called mucositis and periimplantitis. Also like any other crown and bridge in your mouth, implant crowns and bridges might get fractured and need some kind of adjustment.