Specialized Techniques

In many people the native bone is not sufficient for implants to be placed. The periodontist will be able to determine if you have enough bone. In most cases the decision is made with the help of a special radiograph that is called dental scan (cone bean computer tomography). In almost every case that there is lack of native bone, the bone can be augmented with specialized bone aumentation surgeries.

The bone augmentation is done with the aid of special membranes and bone grafts. The bone graft is either harvested from the actual patient or taken out of a bottle. In this case, it is completely safe and biocompatible and has approval by the national organization for medicines.

The implants can sometimes be placed simoultaneously with the bone augmentation procedure. If done seperately,  you might need to wait an extra period of time (up to 6 months depending on the case) before you have your implants placed.